Manager ProfileAutomated Grid Trading Strategy for Simple Operation

What kind of trading software is PlusonePro?


Advantage of PlusonePro

With a simple implementation of the logical trading strategy

Quantify Hedging Strategies

1.Aim for market corrections    2.Market corrections happen often, around 70% of trading hours    3.Easier to determine the best buy/sell time during the corrections    4.Increases number of transactions during corrections.

Fully automatic calculation

1.Execute promptly by program according closing policy    2.Fully automated execution

PlusonePro Transaction Backtesting

‧Symbol:EUR/USD    ‧Execution Period:2015/01/01~2016/05/31    ‧Initial Deposit:US$10,000

Initial Lots: Total Lots: Profit: Maximum Floating:
0.05 33.8 US$3,767.8 15%

Correction Profitable EA

KGIL-Demo(Build 1010)

Symbol EURUSD(Euro vs US Dollar)
Period 1 Hour(H1) 2015.01.02 05:00-2016.05.31 23:00(2015.01.01-2016.06.01)
Bars in test 9762 ticks modeled
19875117 modeling quality
Mismatched charts errors 495 Profit Factor 1.14
Initial Deposit USD10000.00 Spread Current(10)
Expected Payoff 5.04
Total Net Profit 3767.88 Gross Profit 12879.78
Gross Loss -9111.90
Absolute Drawdown 2769.73 Maximal Drawdown 3527.15(32.79%)
Relative Drawdown 32.79%(3527.15)
Total Trades 748 Short Positions (won %) 350(65.43%)
Long Positions (won %) 398(63.32%)
Largest Profit Trade 192.69 Loss Trade -298.46
Average Profit Trade 26.78 Loss Trade -34.13
Maximum Consecutive Wins (profit in money) 6(230.75) Consecutive Losses(loss in money) 6(-445.49)
Maximal Consecutive Profit (count of wins) 295.95(5) Loss Trade -445.49(6)
Average Consecutive Wins 2 Loss Trade 1

Professional response to the trend of market trading strategies

Trades with inactive market (depends on the currency pairs)

For example, Asia market opens in the morning, European market opens in the afternoon, only US market opens in the early morning. No trading in addition to the time above.

Avoids trading when news or economic data released which could affect market

For example, 1.With upcoming economic event or reports(interest rate, unemployment rate, employment rate etc.), the system will clear the open positions in advance, and not to execute the program    2. Breaking news, the system had to either stop out or wait for the market correction within the range of risk control.

Risk control for trading

For Example, for long-term trend (2 weeks or longer), floating more than 5% (and above), the system had to either stop out or wait for the market correction within the range of risk control.

※When the trend shows many reverse orders and transaction volume will lead to floating growth, to avoid system over-reliance on market rally, we use the built-in parameters of the risk control, the maximum loss set to 5%.